Do Large Corner Shower Enclosures Save Space?

The homeowners looking for space-saving solutions don’t usually know that large corner shower enclosures can even fit into the small bathrooms. Do you have a small bathroom and are worried whether you can install your favourite bathroom fixtures in it or not? Congested bathrooms are a common issue most homeowners face. But there are many ways you can make the best out of your bathroom space.

Using modern fixtures, for instance, shower cubicles and vanities, not only helps you save space but also allows you to design your bathroom just as you prefer. If you use the space wisely enough, you can even go for a corner shower enclosure.

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What are Large Corner Shower Enclosures?

Typical corner shower cubicles are designed to be installed in the corner of the bathroom. A corner shower enclosure is just like a standard shower enclosure but slightly bigger for a more roomy and spacious bathing experience.

The enclosures usually come in squared, rectangular, and squircle-shaped, with a variety of entry styles. Being made solely for corners, they can fit in one corner while you can have the rest of the bathroom to yourself.

Can Large Corner Shower Enclosures Fit in Small Bathrooms?

Shower enclosures are meant to provide a luxurious showering experience to people who cannot afford to fit in a bathtub. Large corner shower enclosures are typically designed for congested bathroom spaces usually come in sizes from 34”, 36”, or 42”, thus taking up almost 3 feet of your corner space.

In case you have the budget, why not go for a bigger enclosure for some extra showering space? Large corner shower cubicles do not require extra spacious and roomy bathrooms, and if you select the right cubicle, a normal-sized bathroom will do just fine.

Remember, you don’t need to buy a squared cornered cubicle that acquires equal space on both sides of the corner. You can go with a rectangular enclosure that is more stylish and aesthetically appealing.

Unlike normal enclosures, these cubicles have one side slightly larger than the other. You can save significant space by placing the longer end of the cubicle against the longitudinal wall of the bathroom. If you have eyes for aesthetics and want to save some more space, buy an offset quadrant shower enclosure as it can help you with both.

Why To Fit Shower Enclosure in Corner?

The first question that can come into your mind is why to even try to fit the enclosure within the corners? The purpose of fitting any fixture in between two walls or corners comes down to the thinking that you can save the bathroom space by doing so.  If you have a small bathroom where there is less space, of the enclosure is available. It is better to find the best position to fit your enclosure so you can save the space as much as possible. You may have noticed the most washrooms have corners that remain empty. There is not much use of such space as nothing fits into it. 

Although, there are few types of fixtures that can fit in the corners. But, since enclosure needs much more space, fitting them into the corners can considerably help you with the space issue. So, in between two walls, you just need two side panels and a compatible shower door. And even with the large enclosure, you will have the best space-saving solution. 

Why Choose Large Corner Shower Enclosures?

Instead of getting a bathtub, you should get a large corner shower enclosure. If your bathroom allows you and saves some pennies. Not just that, these shower enclosures provide a range of benefits such as:

  • Provide a better showering experience.
  • Appropriate for small bathrooms with odd layouts.  
  • Easier installation, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Availability of an offset option.
  • Extensive range of door options.
  • Availability in a variety of styles and sizes.
  • Ideal replacement for a bathtub in terms of size and money.


Shower enclosures are excellent space savers, and there is no doubt about that. They not just save more space than bathtubs but are also cheaper and economical. Whether you have a small bathroom or an average-sized one with an irregular layout, large shower enclosures are ideal for both. With a wide variety of sizes and types available, you can get the one you need.

Are You Looking for Large Corner Shower Enclosures?

In this article, we have reviewed large corner shower enclosures. While considering whether even in large size, these can offer space-saving advantages. The corner of a bathroom can be the best space. Where you can utilize the available space in the best possible way if you need to install a large cubicle, don’t hesitate to visit Royal Bathrooms UK’s website. We offer high-quality bathroom fixtures at lower prices. With COVID-19 restrictions easing, we should not lower our guards to prevent ourselves and others from new mutations of coronavirus. Good Day!

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