Why Buying Gifts for Men is Difficult and its Solution

Whether it is your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, your wife or your best friend, there is nothing more satisfying than finding the ideal gift for a special lady in your life.

However, shopping for men is especially tiresome! You can start making a list of potential gifts for the men in your life only to find absolutely nothing suitable for gifting in the regular departmental and gifting stores. 

This has always been a problem while we chose a gift for my father too. He, like all other fathers in the world, would buy me the best but never tell his own choices. And so, when we have to buy him something, we get confused.

We do not know what they will like and what they will pretend to like, which makes it even more important for us to get them something really nice and lovable.

On the other hand, getting a gift for my female relatives has been an easy task! The thing with girls is, they are emotional and find happiness in trivial things. Saying the same for boys is somehow not possible.

The things that make our guys happy are not easy to find. And even if we do come across anything great, it is so out of the budget! Talking of which, we recall one instance where I had a pretty hard time selecting a watch for my college seniors, the one who wanted to gift them as a farewell present. And while I’d go through all the designs available, either I won’t be sure of the design or I would have my eyes bulging out of my sockets looking at the price.

Even when we think of gifting a card full of memories to our boyfriends on the anniversaries, we’d know deep down that these are not the things that make them really happy. They’ll look at it for a moment, appreciate it for the beauty and its effort, and give it back to you for safekeeping! Because they can’t keep all these things intact for more than a week no matter how hard they try.

Though we now have the online arena to sort most of our issues, this is one of those few situations which make us go back and forth on our rocking chairs. Thinking, wondering, planning and hopefully executing to make our loved ones (especially our men) feel special, loved and most importantly respected, we give them a gift. And with it, a piece of our soul to cherish, love and remember. It’s a tough call to make, but definitely a worthy reward in return for such hard work justifies the effort. Don’t you think?

Gifts to buy when unsure

It can be a challenge to find the perfect gift item, but the following are thoughtful gifts that both men and women will surely appreciate and adore.

1. Food baskets are very popular today with many foods and wines that can tempt one’s palette and taste buds. Food baskets are available in many grocery stores or you can always make one from scratch yourself!

2. Flowers and plants are also the best gift items that never go out of style. There are many beautiful floral arrangements to choose from, or even good luck plants like the money tree or lucky bamboo that are both attractive and promise to bring that special someone prosperity and good luck.

3. Another thoughtful gift item that women and some men will appreciate is a nice pedicure or spa session.

4. Candles are also great gift items that are available in a variety of colours and sizes. They are pretty and soothing, and people love lighting these items to calm them after a long day. Be sure to buy the scented variety which will fill a room with a beautiful fragrance.

5. Many individuals are big fans of journal writing. High-quality leather-bound journals have intricate designs on the cover and are usually filled with beautifully thick paper. They are also great for creative writing. Everyone will appreciate this gift item and marvel at your thoughtfulness!6. Finally, you can also order cake online in  Gurgaon and have it sent directly to the gift recipient’s doorstep to wish them goodness and luck!

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