There are several indicators that show us how to know if you have rats at home, starting with noise at night, typical defecations of these animals at home, damage to the walls … in our article we will tell you everything .

This time we explain the typical indicators that show a plague of mice or rats  at home. If we identify any of these symptoms it is very important to notify a pest control company , since if we do not react in time or we let it pass, we can end up with a PLAGUE in capital letters in our house or premises.


  • The marks of the teeth: By the marks of the teeth we can identify if it is a mouse or a rat. In the case of mice, the marks are usually small, on the other hand, the marks of the teeth of rats are usually much larger (think that their teeth grow up to 0.4mm / day).
  • Recent gnawing: We can identify gnawing especially in electrical wiring, wood, etc., the habit of gnawing is to “regulate” the growth of the teeth that we have mentioned above.
  • Droppings: As you probably already know, the shape of the droppings of these animals is rice grains, with a black hue. The presence of excrement is a sign that shows the presence of these animals.
  • Noises are heard: In general, they are quite noisy animals, therefore if we hear strange noises through the false ceiling or the floor, we hear noises at night (keep in mind that they are nocturnal animals). They are clear indicators that we may have a rat or mouse problem at home.
  • Marks on food or food containers: If we sometimes see gnawed containers / foods with small holes or with “snacks” it is another symptom that we have rats at home.
  • Alerts, altered pets: Dogs and cats can usually detect your presence. If lately we see our pet more upset than normal at home and it coincides with any of the above points, it may be due to the presence of mice / rats.
  • See the mouse / Rat: Of course, the queen of the evidence that we have rats or mice at home is to see it, directly. On the other hand, being nocturnal animals is not common.

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