It is important to know exactly the difference between a Salvage and Ex-Salvage title. Salvage means that the car must first be inspected by a special department such as the state police to be able to register it and Ex-Salvage is when you take the documents to the MVA they register it and issue you a new title of another color (in most of cases and states). In the state of Maryland the legend of Ex-Salvage or Rebuild usually appears.

The definition and laws regarding an Ex-Salvage or rebuilt title may be different depending on specific state regulations. In general, the BMR process must be documented with an affidavit, and the vehicle must be inspected at a state-certified facility, before a license plate can be issued and legally driven. 

You can buy this type of vehicle from a private person or from a Dealer. If the car comes from a Dealer remember that apart from the title you must receive the following documents:

  • Bill of sale
  • State inspection
  • Reassignment (if any)

Remember that these documents must be filled out correctly to avoid being rejected in the MVA and taking longer to register.

If you have questions about the documents they give you, you know that you can always visit a Ta & Title office to help you with this.

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