Closed schools and return to distance learning: when and where

At-risk the school insurance in the presence with the return of distance learning with the first cases of infections in the classroom and quarantine. Let’s see where Dad is expected and in which cases in the different regions.

Schools closed in different parts of Italy for the first cases of Covid positivity with the consequent return to distance learning. A return of Dad a few days after returning to class for the 2021-2022 school year.

Distance learning is still an extraordinary measure in cases where the classes are placed in quarantine. Still, the director of Gimbel Nino Cartabellotta raises the alarm about the school in the presence.

The Ministry of Education has provided the rules for safely returning to school in presence, but in quarantine cases, the approach of the various regions is different.

We are talking about closed schools, but these are different classes in Dad. Yesterday, the Minister of Education Bianchi reassured that there are few teachers and pupils forced at home. Let’s see where and when distance learning returns specifically.

Closed schools and return to distance learning: here is where

Closed schools with a return to distance learning in different regions. These are individual quarantined classes. According to the news reported by Orizzontescuola, the numbers refer to press agencies and regional reports are much less comforting than those of the Miur. To give some examples:

  • in Veneto, there are 100 quarantined classes with the return of distance learning;
  • in Lombardy 80;
  • over 50 in Piedmont with at least four outbreaks;
  • more than 25 in Liguria;
  • over 20 in Basilicata.

There are also several quarantined classes in Bolzano and the Bari and Foggiano areas.

According to Orizzontescuola.It shows more than 300 schools with closed classes in quarantine in 4 regions, an autonomous province, and 4 cities in the north.

One could think of 800 quarantines, and this figure would be higher than that recorded in the same period last year.

Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbel Foundation, spoke in the past few hours during an event promoted by Cittadinanzattiva talking about closed schools, quarantined classes, and the risk of face-to-face lessons with the return of distance learning almost everywhere:

“The government’s goal of guaranteeing 100% attendance schooling risks being strongly disregarded as evidenced by the number of classes and students already in quarantine.”

The president of Gimbel himself spoke of how the only strategy that focuses on vaccinations can be bankruptcy :

“It is a very risky strategy to focus exclusively on vaccination without systematic screening and system interventions on aeration, ventilation and transport management.”

And he added:

“In the real world of the school there is no systematic screening strategy for staff and students, the rules on distancing can be waived in the presence of any logistical limitations, no systematic interventions have been carried out on aeration and ventilation of the classrooms, nor on the management of transport. Vaccination, which is only possible for students over 12, is in progress and coverage has significant regional differences. The obligation to wear a mask applies only to over 6 years. “

Closed schools and return to distance learning: when

But when do we go back to distance learning and closed schools? The guidelines are provided by the green pass bis decree of August according to which distance learning, at least until 31 December 2021:

  • it returns to the orange and red areas in the presence of outbreaks. Distance learning, as an exception to face- to-face teaching , can only be arranged in individual educational institutions or in those present in specific territorial areas and with provisions of the Presidents of the Regions, of the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano and of the mayors;
  • It is not foreseen in the white and yellow areas where lessons are strictly in attendance.

Beyond the colors, therefore, the individual local authorities (presidents of regions and autonomous provinces) or health authorities arrange distance learning if necessary due to Covid positives.

We remind you that the vaccination for students is foreseen from 12 years upwards. Therefore children of nursery, nursery, the elementary and partly middle school are excluded.

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