What are air struts?

When having a conversation about vehicle suspensions, shocks and air struts are likely to be mentioned. You might be curious about what a strut is. Is it similar to a shock? What do air struts do? Why and when do I need to replace it? Does automobile aftermarket like vigor air suspensions offers air struts for your car? Allow me to explain these issues one by one..

Struts and air struts

Struts are devices that are connected from the top of the steering knuckle to the upper strut mount. Struts act as a shock absorber to keep the knuckle in place and control spring action. The first thing you need to know is that a strut works as a component of a vehicle’s suspension system.

Different kinds of vehicles may have different types of suspension systems. Whichever system your vehicle has, the struts are likely to be a structural component of it. Most front-wheel-drive vehicles have them installed at the end of the chassis. However, they aren’t just for front-wheel-drive. Their principal function is to support the vehicle’s weight and absorb surface impacts, offering a pleasant ride.

A strut is a combination of a shock and a coil spring. Struts with airbags are referred to as air struts that are found in a vehicle’s air suspension system. Air struts consist of two parts: air bags or air springs instead of coil springs, and a shock. Sometimes, a strut refers to shock absorber only. And for this reason, people also call an air strut air shock.


What do air struts do?

As we’ve discussed, a strut with an air spring incorporated on to it is called an air strut. Unlike traditional struts that use coil springs, air struts use airbags or air springs. An air strut connects the wheels to the vehicle’s body and supports its weight. Air struts provide a smooth ride that is less bumpy and stable. Drivers who have a long-time driving benefit a lot from this advantage.

Air struts allow the air spring suspension to function. And then the air suspension system can support the vehicle and provide a good ride.

Air shock needs maintenance

There’re a few things you can do to maintain the air struts. These methods will help air struts last longer.

  1. Make sure the tires are properly inflated to avoid possible premature wears. Failing to do so will also have a bad impact on other parts of the air suspension system, including the air struts or air shocks.
  2. Inspect the air shocks regularly. Drivers are suggested to have the car checked often, which is true with the air struts. You’ll be able to know possible minor problems before it causes bigger problems.
  3. Avoid driving in off-road conditions as much as possible. It will not only extend the life span of the air struts but also the air suspension system. As a result, the car will be in a good condition after years.

Air shock needs replacement

For every single part of automotive components, natural wear and tear is unavoidable. No matter how carefully you maintain it, after years of use, it starts to fail. However, poor maintenance fastens the speed it wears out.

Material-wise, the main part of an air shock (air strut) is made of rubber. Rubber wears down and you may even find a hole in your air bellows after a few years. Worse still, pressurized air will be released once there’s a hole. As a result, your driving experience will be tough without a good air strut. You’re likely to have lower vehicle height and bumpy driving.

Apart from that, when you often drive under rough conditions, chances are your air shock or air strut will wear speedier. That is because constant stress while working shortens the time it’s supposed to last.

When do you need to change an air shock?

Warning signs are quite obvious. For instance, you can inspect the air shock part yourself. It’s not hard to visually identify signs like cracks and tears around the seams of the strut. Those lead to leaks, causing the air shock to break down.

Besides, when your car gives you a bumpier experience, you’ll know something is wrong. Also, the problem often lies in the air shock. Because a failing air strut causes the air suspension to fail. Hence, you’ve got a car without a suspension system. Defective air struts or air shocks will make it hard to obtain proper control of your car when you’re driving. That may even end up with an accident.

So it’s crucial to keep your air shocks or air struts in a good condition. Otherwise, your car may be bouncing around over rough terrain. Extreme noises and vibrations, as well as alignment issues, cause an unnecessary burden to your car.

Replacement expenses

How much money it will cost to have your current strut changed depends on many factors. The expenses vary greatly. The make, model, and year of your vehicle determine how much you’ll have to spend on the strut replacement.

Besides, the cost consists of two parts: parts cost and labor cost. On one hand, prices between an OEM strut and an aftermarket one are different. On the other, if you decide to get your hands dirty or opt to hire a technician. Doing it yourself is cheaper, of course, since you save labor costs. But if you have no expertise in cars, you may even waste some money. So you better try to find enough information you need before you do it. If you’re not sure about it, send it to some professional to fix the problem for you. A professional expert will make things right.

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Air struts play a significant role in the air suspension system in your car. They enable the air spring suspension system to perform well, ensuring you an enjoyable ride. But air shocks won’t last forever. You’ll have to inspect them and have them replaced once a problem shows up. It’s unwise to ignore the potential problems as they may put you into a much troublesome situation later. Changing the failing air struts calls for experience and money. Unless you are sure that you’re able to do it yourself, have an expert to do it.

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