Kawaii lingerie for a pear-shaped figure

Speaking of lingerie, we all know it is women’s undergarments. Lingerie comes in a variety of designs, styles, shapes, materials, and colors. Every woman can get one piece of lingerie based on her needs. Either a fancy one or a casual one, Risettelingerie is a good place for you. All types of kawaii and Japanese fashion are available there. You’ll get some high-quality kawaii lingerie at an affordable price.

Many women nowadays place a higher priority on how comfortable lingerie feels than how elegant it looks. However, the most comfortable bras and panties can still look stylish. There are a lot of such options available today. But are these options suitable for everyone? The answer is no. The first thing you need to make sure of is that the kawaii lingerie fits your body type. A woman with a rectangular body shape won’t choose the same lingerie as an inverted triangle-typed woman. In this article, let’s see how to choose the perfect kawaii lingerie for a pear-shaped figure.

Kawaii lingerie for a pear-shaped figure

Kawaii lingerie that balances your figure shape

A pear-shaped body refers to a body shape with small chests, narrow shoulders, thick thighs, and a large booty. In other words, you have a wide bottom and a narrow top. The best part of this type is that you have awesome curves on your hips.

When choosing lingerie, they’ll make you shine. However, it’s all about keeping a good balance. That means the kawaii lingerie is to minimize the thickness of your booty a little and level up your chest. You don’t want to make your lower part even bigger and your upper part any smaller. That won’t be a good image. So it’s good to find some kawaii lingerie that keeps a good balance between the two.

You create a smooth, balanced body shape by defining the waist and adding a deep neckline. With strong graphic prints and a plunging neckline, you can show off some skin on top. That makes you even sexier.

Kawaii lingerie that fits your bottom part

Lingerie would go wrong in many ways. Sometimes, it rolls down when it’s loose. Other times, it’s so tight that it presses into your belly. Worse still, it’s awkward when you find it rides up causing bulging or a wedgie. Embarrassing as it is, it’s also uncomfortable.

Many innovative underwear styles offer incredible benefits for pear-shaped figures. Japanese kawaii lingerie gives various options that can help smooth out curves. Such kawaii lingerie helps make your thighs look thinner.

It is wise to wear high-rise underwear like briefs and hipsters for pear-shaped women. Anything low-rise will cause chafing or a wedgie. If you want to have a more flattering figure, you need such underwear.

Kawaii panties for pear-shaped women

As we have known that it’s wise to choose kawaii lingerie based on your body type and size. If you have a pear-shaped body, you should buy either of these 2 types of underwear. Or you can buy both and switch between them according to your mood. Those two are briefs and hipsters. The briefs avoid weird moments when a wedgie happens in public. And the hipsters can give your hips better support to show the beautiful curves your body has. These two kinds both come in kawaii and Japanese fashion.

Take briefs as an example, you can try high-cut briefs and bikini briefs. High-cut briefs with a lower waistband will make your thighs and legs look slimmer.

Kawaii bras for pear-shaped women

With a smaller chest size, choosing the right bra is essential for the whole body image. For pear-shaped women, padded bras, push-up bras, and ballonets bras are the best options. The key point is to support your breasts and make them look bigger. They can balance out the middle area of your body. This adds visual appeal and keeps them in proportion with the wider lower part of the body. For women of the pear-shaped figure with a larger size breast, more support and lift is what you need.

Shapewear is another solution

When it comes to shapewear, you may think of some words like uncomfortable and torturing. Well, that is what shapewear used to be. Kawaii lingerie of this kind has been developed a lot. Creative design, smooth fabrics, and kawaii style make shapewear much better. This kind of kawaii lingerie helps you present a better figure by smoothing out your curves. If you still find this kind of lingerie is not suitable, let’s just say comfort is what you need most. That’s what matters.

So as for the pear-shaped figure, it’s important to balance out the shape on your top. You can try some kawaii lingerie with contrasting colors to flatter your curves. Are you wondering what type of body figure you have? What kind of kawaii lingerie is suitable for your body shape?

There’re 5 most common female body figures. They include hourglass, apple (round), pear (triangle), rectangle, and inverted triangle. Each kind of figure calls for a different style of lingerie. You should pay attention to their differences before you buy some lingerie.


Whether you’re looking for kawaii lingerie that is trendy or casual, you have plenty of choices. You can go to a shopping mall near your apartment to pick some in person. You can also do some lingerie shopping online on the internet. Either way, it’s important to find the lingerie that fits your figure. After all, your comfort should be your top concern when buying your intimate clothing. Believe me, there’s nothing more disappointing than wearing uncomfortable lingerie.

It doesn’t matter what your figure shape is, kawaii lingerie will look good on you. Just find the right size and design. Risette lingerie offers customers from around the world kawaii lingerie. If you’re into Japanese culture, you can try kawaii clothing. They also have anime-themed lingerie such as cat lingerie. Cosplay-themed lingerie like maid cosplay is also available. All products come in high quality and worthwhile price. You can visit their websites for detailed information.

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