Avoid the appearance of rats

✔ When you make a purchase where there are large boxes and you know that there have been a significant number of food products, check that there are no rodents.

But keep in mind that you should not only prevent the presence of rats but also that there is no trace of them, even in the cans of food you eat at home. Many of them may be contaminated with rat urine, since some industries that do not have a hygienic control of their storage space may have rat pests.

✔ If you have had a repair at home or a breakdown that has left cracks, seal the openings , as it is an open door for rats to invade your house. If you have drapery covers, vents, or ventilation channels at home, keep an eye on those areas that are easily accessible to rats.

✔ If you have pets and you feed them with feed, do not leave the food exposed for a long time , since, being foods rich in fat, they are very attractive to rats. Make sure that the container where you keep your pet’s food is hermetically sealed, since rats and mice are very skilled and can access food through tiny holes.

✔ If you have trash cans at home, be sure to change them frequently and keep them closed, especially on outdoor patios. When rats have access to garbage, there is no doubt that they will be very attracted to its smell and will try to find food among the remains of our food. Those smells that for us are unpleasant, for them they are a source of food.

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