Spot UV is a Perfect Choice to Print Water Marks on your Packaging Boxes.

Spot UV is an add-on feature which is used to highlight the specific area on the packaging boxes. It add additional gloss and shine on that particular area and makes it noticeable on the packaging boxes.

It is also including in laminations category, like matt, gloss and aqueous coating spot UV is categorize as a coating option. Custom CBD boxes which are coated with spot UV become stronger and provide extra strength to your custom product boxes.

Spot UV is coated mostly on the text contain product name or brand’s name, or to increase the visibility of logo on the packaging box. Water marks are used to differentiate between real and fake products. Spot UV on these water marks make them visible on the packaging boxes.

Spot UV is a liquid varnish applied on top of the printed surface that creates a high-gloss shine on the packaging surface and add a factor of glamour to your custom product boxes. Different packaging companies are working in the market, these professional and packaging experts suggest you to coat your mentioned areas with spot UV:

  1. Logo
  2. Slogans
  3. Watermarks
  4. Images
  5. Artworks

Custom printed CBD boxes, a best marketing strategy 

Different add on options like embossing, debossing, die cutting, perforations and many look techniques which can be apply on the Custom CBD boxes, design a custom product boxes with a logo impression is a wise approach with respect to marketing.

Logo coated with spot UV effect are prominently visible on the packaging boxes. Attractive logo assist you in branding and help the customer in selecting their favorite product from all other CBD products.

Packaging is the representation of the product which is packed inside the box. Stylish packaging ensures the buyer that something amazing is packed inside the box. Customer always want that product and prefer to buy such item which look captivating among all products. That’s why unique packaging can bring more sale to your brand. Custom cardboard CBD boxes which are design with gloss lamination and spot UV has their own grace and charm among all products.

Spot UV is a long lasting effect, it doesn’t required extra money, this affordable packaging feature makes your product boxes alluring and charming for the targeted customers.

UV coating has an extremely fast drying time, which helps ensure fast lead times. Being a quick drying technique, the precision achieved is quite remarkable.

Custom CBD boxes when coated with additional laminations it makes your product packaging repellant to moisture and dust.  These lamination and coating help you in prolonging the shelf life of your product.

Many other customization techniques like:

  • Die cutting
  • Window cutting
  • Matt lamination
  • Hang tag options
  • Display style presentation

Etc. all these options help you in manufacturing a matchless packaging solution for your trading items. . Custom CBD oil boxes when design with foil stamping or spot UV, they has their own grace and style. Customization makes you capable to make your own unique presentation of your products.