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Home loan from a bank without any documents

Home loan
Home loan

For a home loan I have a mortgage at the bank. In September, the third child was born, and I took the full set of documents to the bank to receive state support of 450 thousand for the repayment of the mortgage.

It was still October 13, 2021. The next day, October 14, an SMS message came from the bank about an error that there should be no abbreviations in the application. On the same day, October 14, I visited the office again and rewrote the statements without errors.

After about two weeks, I decided to find out what the status was according to my application. They couldn’t answer me and they offered me to wait 14 days for work.

Then I called DOM.ref, and they told me that the bank was obliged to provide me with the application number by which I could track the status of the application.

They tried to find the application using my data, but they could not, because it turned out that the Outwrite Bank simply did not give them my documents for home loan. Then I wrote to support again via the mobile app.

Best Information For home Loan 2022

I again received an SMS about, that it is necessary to correct the error in the documents. It was completely identical to the message on October 14, so I thought it was sent by mistake, because I had already submitted these documents to the bank.

I wrote about this to the bank again and the next day I received the same SMS again. I wrote to the bank again, and I received such an SMS again. 029648XXX. At the same time, they promised to call me, but in fact they only sent SMS. If they called me, the story would not have received further development.

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I wrote to the support chat again, and then I was informed that the bank did not receive the documents that I sent on October 14, and was told that I needed to contact the office again.

I had no reason to believe that the new documents would not suffer the same fate as the documents transferred on October 14 and, given the epidemiological situation,

I demanded to request the corrected documents from the employee who received them from me on October 14, or to provide written confirmation of the loss of these documents.

They opened a new application for this and promised to consider it within 5 days (and the case was on November 1). The number was reported 21-11-00186, but then, when I requested the result, they said that that number was incorrect and the correct number.

After 7 days, I requested the result of the execution of the application, which was filed on November 1. I was told that it had not been fulfilled and that its deadline was November 12.

Those. it takes another five days to complete, although 7 has already passed, despite the fact that the original deadline was 5 days.

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I get the feeling that the bank deliberately delays the transfer of documents to domra in order to delay the early repayment of the mortgage and get as much interest as possible for home loan. In fact, for every day that the deadlines for solving my questions are delayed, I lose money in favor of the bank.

In addition, my insurance renewal period is already expiring and because of this, I will have to pay 20% more premium than it would have been after early repayment at the expense of state support.